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Missed your Live Pilates class?

Why not catch up on our designated  ON DEMAND pilates channel, a library full of pre recorded Clinical pilates classes, available at any time, any where and you can watch and take part as many times as you like?

Our ON DEMAND library has over 70+ classes using various pilates props and items you can find around the home, to offer that in studio experience in the comfort of your own home.  Classes are taught by Certified APPI Pilates Instructors and Graduate Sports Rehab Therapists.

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Access over 70+ clinical Pilates Classes any time, anywhere!


What is Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates has been modified APPI Physiotherapists to allow therapists to combines the principles of traditional Pilates with current research to create a safe, clinically effective injury treatment, rehabilitation and injury prevention tool.  It is proven to be particularly beneficial in treating lower back pain.

Instructors focus on teaching quality of movement patterns not quantity, to reduce pain, aid recovery, improve general fitness, and well-being and prevent future risk of injury.

  • Injury Rehabilitation / Prevention
  • Reduce muscle and joint pain
  • Increase strength
  • Improve Mobility and Flexibility
  • Increase core and pelvic floor strength
  • Improve overall wellbeing


Repair & Rehabilitation

Therapeutic massage can be used to assist the natural healing and rehabilitation of various soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) at each successive phase of tissue healing following an induced sports injury.The phases of healing are universally known as; bleeding, inflammation, proliferation and remodeling.Clinically, the condition of the tissue should drive and dictate when and how to deliver massage. Therefore, it is understandable that a practicing Sports Massage Therapist should possess a sound knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and pathology and the ability to apply it when dealing with sports injuries. The research literature unequivocally states that the phases of tissues healing should guide clinical reasoning and decision-making with respect to what, when and how to deliver safe and effective massage.

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