Baby Massage and Yoga

Benefits of Baby Massage

  • Ease colic and tummy ache
  • Relax and calm your baby
  • Help improve sleep patterns and bedtime routine
  • Time to bond with your baby
  • Boost immunity

What does class involve?

Over a 5 week block we cover a full body massage, each week learning massage and baby yoga techniques for a different part of the body.

There are also yoga and pilates based stretches for you as much to help ease postnatal specific aches and pains, especially from feeding positions.

Class finishes with breathing exercises, guided relaxation and of course a brew.  This gives you time to chat to other mums and make new friends.

When can you start?

Baby massage can be from birth up until babies are rolling and become disengaged.  Ask if you are unsure if it is suitable for your baby.