Bike Fit for Therapists

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Bike Fit for Therapists

This is an introductory course into scientific Bike Fitting that critically examines both man and machine in detail i.e. using a 3-Step Integrated Process designed to help therapists, coaches and fitters further understand how Bike Fit can be used to treat, manage and prevent cycling related injuries. It is designed to complement our unique Cycling Injuries Course – which runs over the same weekend. Unlike the few other UK based (mechanically orientated) Bike Fitting workshops designed specifically for Cycle Mechanics and Technicians, we place great emphasis on the clinical aspects of Musculoskeletal Screening of the rider and common problems with the bike and the rider that are linked with common cycling injuries.

Course Rationale

Over the years cycling has increased in popularity, as such cycling has become a fully inclusive activity which embraces all ages, abilities, and genders - owing to its multiple established health, environmental and socioeconomic benefits. It is used for commuting, recreation, racing, triathlons, and rehabilitation following surgery. It is also beneficial in the and prevention of common diseases associated with sedentary lifestyles such as cardiovascular disease. This resurgence in cycling has resulted in a significant increase in cycle sales, and cycling activity, with a corresponding significant increase in cycling related overuse injuries. As a result, the demand for scientific Bike Fitting and effective management of cycling related overuse injuries have increased accordingly.

Research demonstrates unequivocally that an incorrect Bike Fit adversely affects cycling comfort, performance and increases the risk of overuse injuries - all which impact on enjoyment. Research also highlights the importance of examining both man and machine if we are to successfully diagnose and manage overuse injuries. Therefore, unlike traditional Bike fitting, our unique 3-Step Integrated Bike Fit-Package is designed to comprehensively examine Man and Machine from a clinical and mechanical perspective. The intention is to identify key intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors associated with both Man and Machine - its these risk factors that are likely to cause injury and/or loss in performance.

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Course Aims & Practical Application

The aim of this unique introductory Bike Fitting Course is to explore new exciting opportunities for proactive Therapists in the rapidly growing niche markets of Bike Fitting and the management of cycling related overuse injuries. This workshop is designed to provide Therapists with an overview of the necessary fundamental skills and cycling specific knowledge that will enable them to; (i) engage in the concept of a unique 3-Step Integrated Bike Fit-Package; (ii) enhance their understanding of the nature and management of cycling injuries.

The course is ideal for Therapists seeking to work with individual cyclists, triathletes, and/ or to work within an existing multidisciplinary cycling related team.

Alternatively, it will enable the Therapist to form an alliance with a proactive cycling shop to offer a cycling specific injury service.

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Step-1: Clinical Screening

Through comprehensive Pre-Bike Fit Musculoskeletal Screening the aim is to identify the many prevalent intrinsic musculoskeletal and/or biomechanical deficits frequently found in cyclists

Step-2: Prehab/ Rehab

Develop a Personal Rehabilitation Plan to address the above musculoskeletal deficits.

Step-3: Bike Fit

Deliver a discipline-specific Bike fit, by integrating the findings from Steps-1&2 into Step-3. The intention is to maximise the outcome of the entire process.

Traditional mechanically orientated Bike Fitting invariably fails to examine the 'Cyclist'....and thus fails to identify the many musculoskeletal / biomechanical deficits prevalent in the cyclist. Therefore, failure to identify and subsequently address these deficits can severely compromise the outcome and effectiveness of the entire Bike Fit process. Key areas of our Step-1 Musculoskeletal Screening include; core/pelvic/gluteal capability, leg length difference, muscle imbalance, restrictions in ROM and foot and limb alignment.

Read Matt Bottrill's (National Cycling Champion) personal Blog on how our Bike Fit-Package resolved his knee problem, which improved his symmetry and ultimately his power-transfer.

Course Information

Course Preparation

Optional pre-course reading will be supplied upon successful enrolment onto the course.


We advise participants to have professional liability insurance to cover them for the techniques covered on the course.

Suitable for

This course is suitable for all forms of Therapists involved with working with cyclists and/or triathletes - and for those that may be considering doing so in the future.

Teas/coffee are provided but lunch is not included.

Cancellation Policy

50% of the course fee is a non-refundable payment to secure your place. If you cancel with more than 30 days until the start of the course the remaining balance will be refunded. Any cancellations within 30 days of the course date will result in no refund.