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Injury Clinic

We treat anything from calf pain when running, gardening injuries, road traffic accidents to pre and post operative rehabilitation. Our main goal is to get to the route of your problem. We don’t just treat pain with massage and hands on treatment, we use the latest evidence and assessment tools to find the cause of your pain allows us to provide you with evidence based advise, guidance and a specific, individualised treatment and exercise program to help you recover, restring full function and prevent the risk of re-injury.

When injuries reoccur, often this can be due to lifestyle patterns, training and exercise load, or weakness and compensation in muscle groups that lead to repetitive strain. It is our job to try and break this cycle to try and reduce your pain and any future occurrence.

What to expect?

We work to assess your injury to identify your cause, rather than just treat your symptoms

  •  Injury Assessment
  •  Injury Advice
  •  Individual Rehabilitation Programs
  •  Pain Management
  •  Hands on Treatment
  •  Injury Prevention (Prehab)
  •  Patient Education

Virtual ONLINE Consultations

Covid-19 has changed the way many of us work, and in the clinic we have started to use virtual consultations and they have proven to work really well. Getting out of the house may be challenging at the moment, so we can still provide you with a thorough injury assessment, offer pain management, injury advise and a bespoke exercise program all from the comfort and convenience of your own home. No need for transport, childcare or location restrictions.

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SPORTS Injury Services

At NJD our graduate training and experience over the years is in treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Our specialist interest is in lower limb sports injuries, in particular running and cycling injuries.

It does not matter if your pain is from running couch to 5km or you are an elite athlete, our aim is to return you to pain-free sport in the fastest, safest way whilst reducing the risk of re-injury.

We use current evidence-based research, personalised treatments and innovative sports specific rehab programs to meet the needs of every sport out there.

  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Sports specific movement screening
  • Sports Specific Prehab and Rehab
  • Strength and Conditioning Programs
  • Running and gait analysis
  • Dynamic bike fitting
  • Maintenance Sports massage
sports injury services

Injury Clinic FAQ's

To help you choose the right appointment and prepare for your session, here are some of the most common questions asked.

Sports Therapy although is similar to physiotherapy, we are still within health care, however we specialise with Musculo-skeletal pain and injuries. We use a mix of hands on treatment, patient education and exercise programs. We use the latest research, advise, assessment and exercise tools to find the cause of your pain. This makes your treatment specific to you, to help you recover to full function and prevent the risk of re-injury. Irrespective of whether your injury or pain is from elite sport, surgery, arthritis, gardening, work or anything else non-sporting related.

All our therapists are fully qualified, insured and members of relative governing bodies. Our Graduate Sports therapists all have a minimum of 3 years training at university like physiotherapists.

We recommend if you have an injury you book in to our injury clinic. Our Sports massage appointments are mainly for maintenance massage, they do not treat or diagnose injuries. If you are not sure who to book with please get in touch and we can advise

Initial assessment and treatments last approx. 45-60 minutes, follow up appointments last up to 40mins

Covid-19 has opened options to remote and virtual appointments, therefore you do not need to be local to see one of our therapists. During lockdowns and tier systems you may also require a virtual or phone assessment prior to your face to face appointments

In general wear comfortable, loose fiitting clothes. You may need to bring shorts, or a vest top depending on where your injury is.

Depending on you problem, you may also need to undress to underwear so your therapist can full assess you

  • During Covid-19 please bring a mask with you.
  • Any current scans, xray results referral letters, medication lists
  • Runners and walkers bring your trainers / walking boots
  • Cyclist bring your cycling shoes
  • Any supports, orthotics, walking aids or exercising exercise programs

During your initial appointment your therapist will ask you questions about your relevant medical history, current symptoms, exercise routine and recovery goals. They will then perform a physical assessment to try to establish the cause of your problem.

Your therapist will then discuss their plan for your proposed treatment. You may receive hands on treatment in this appointment, they will also start your appropriate exercise program and set out your plan for any follow up treatments or referrals.

As our therapists are mainly Sports Therapists, this cannot be claimed under physiotherapy. Therefore, please check with your provider in advance what you can claim for. Alternatively speak to us and we maybe able to help you.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy in place for all appointments and classes. We appreciate form time to time things circumstances can be out of our control, therefore If you are unable to attend your appointment please let us know as soon as possible. This means someone else maybe able to use your time slot. However, if you fail to provide 24hours notice for a cancellation you may be expected to pay for your session in FULL.

Please note you may be asked to pay in advance for virtual appointments, or bike fit packages.