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Pilates Reformers

Reformers are Pilates machines with built in spring resistance designed to progressively work and condition your body to make your mat-based exercises more challenging and exciting. The resistance created by the spring systems provides support but also challenges your core strength, stability and endurance.

The reformer is suitable for any level of Pilates experience and exercises are modified using the springs and additional Pilates equipment to create all kinds of fun and challenging variations for your whole body to promote length, strength, flexibility, and balance.
The reformer is therefore ideal for injury and surgery rehabilitation, sports specific conditioning and improving posture and general fitness.

We have small group classes, and private reformer sessions available

Reformers for Rehabilitation

Like our mat classes, we offer clinical reformer sessions taught by experienced injury rehab therapists, and due to the equipment’s versatility this provides the ultimate platform for injury rehabilitation. Whether you are recovering from an injury or operation, or need to improve on strength and flexibility to prevent future injury, we can adapt wide a range of exercises and tailor to your specific needs according to the type, level and stage of the injury, rehabilitation or sporting need.

Reformers for Sport

We also offer sports specific reformer group and private sessions to help improve performance, reduce injury risk and improve overall strength and power and sports conditioning- Ideal for any athletes out there.

Reformer for Men

Pilates reformers are not just for women, men can benefit by improving mobility, flexibility and strength. The reformer works well alongside sport to help improve performance and reduce injury risk

Getting Started

Before starting reformer you may be asked to attend an initial assessment. During this session we will discuss your injury and medical history, what you want to achieve with Pilates, and then you will get a full clinical assessment.

This is to assess your suitability and identity and postural, muscular and flexibility imbalances. This way we can tailor your Pilates sessions specifically to your need. We will then also introduce you to the fundamentals of Pilates and some basic exercises and how the reformer works.

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Reformer Classes Price List:

6 class Pass


  • 6 Sessions To Be Used in 8 Weeks
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  • 1 single session
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  •  1:1 / 2:1
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