Dynamic PODO Smart Running Analysis

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Dynamic PODO Smart Run Analysis

If you want and even more indepth gait assessment, you can opt for our PODO smart analysis. Diditsole PodoSmart works with intelligent insoles you pop into your trainers, and a bluetooth transmitter sends live data of your running gait. The insoles feature several sensors that detect the smallest foot movements allowing us to measure objective data that can not be observed by the naked eye.

  • Contact points of the foot on ground contact
  • Dynamic foot pronation / supination
  • Contact time and flight time
  • Propulsion speed
  • Cadence
  • Step length

Most runners will run over 1 million steps a year, so make sure they are good steps!

This gives us even more information to help us identify problems with gait related to your injury or recovery. The results can be translated into clinical data in order for us to provide the most appropriate intervention and treatment program for you. We can then use data to compare and review your progress, allowing us to modify your exercise and running technique coaching to be as individual and specific to you as possible.

Running Assessment Price List:



  • 75 mins of Clinical assessment, Video analysis running assessment and exercise program 
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  • Clinical assessment, Video and PODO smart running assessment and exercise program.
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  • ??????
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