NJD Sports Injury Centre Clitheroe

Providing a range of injury, health, sports performance and education services.


NJD is not just about Sports injuries.

We provide a range of injury, health, sports performance and education services. We help clients of all ages and activity levels to become pain free and achieve their goals.

Sports Therapy although is similar to physiotherapy, we are a different industry specialising in Musculoskeletal pain. We don’t just treat pain with massage and hands-on treatment, we use the latest research, advise, assessment and exercise tools to find the cause of your pain. This makes your treatment specific to you, to help you recover to full function and prevent the risk of re-injury. Irrespective of whether your injury or pain is from elite sport, surgery, arthritis, gardening, work or anything else non-sporting related.

Some of the common problems we treat:

When injuries reoccur, often this can be due to lifestyle patterns, training and exercise load, or weakness and compensation in muscle groups that lead to repetitive strain. It is our job to try and break this cycle to try and reduce your pain and any future occurrence.

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Back and neck pain
Muscle & Joint pain
Sports injuries
Post Natal Checks
Pre and post surgery exercise programs

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Who we are

Our centre is a private practice based in Clitheroe in the beautiful Ribble Valley.

We started out as a family business that has since grown into a diverse multi-professional team. We are now more than just a clinic.

We are a local team of fully trained and insured , graduate Sports Therapists, Sports scientists, massage therapists personal trainers and Pilates instructors, giving the NJD a wide range of skills and services.

We specialise in sports injuries and musculoskeletal pain, and use all the latest research during our treatment and exercise sessions to try to establish the route of your injury rather than just treat the symptoms. Therefore, we can work with you to resolve your problems.

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