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Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to exercise and make your training program specific to your goals. Whether it be weight loss, increasing strength, improving general fitness and well being or training for a event. At NJD our Trainers are highly qualified and experienced and we offer a friendly, affordable and fun way of training for people of all fitness levels. We offers a range of services to suit all ages, health and fitness levels, from those that have never stepped into a gym, to elite athletes. Our service includes full screening, nutritional guidance and bespoke training & rehabilitation programs, 1: 1 or small group training.

The Consultation

This involves the health coach and the individual to sit down and discuss their current lifestyle including physical activity, stress levels, sleeping patterns, food cravings, current health status and then set some goals to achieve based on this information. It is a two way process where you and the health coach can get to know each other as well.

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Nutritional Support

This is essential to your success. We highlight your strengths and weaknesses and slowly change your dietary intake. Initially the health coach will analyse your food and drink intake and get a report of all the nutrients in your diet. This is not a “one size fits all approach” as everyone has a different starting point. You will eat foods that you actually like and enjoy that will achieve your goals.

1-2-1 Training

This is fun, energetic, safe and motivational exercise that is tailored specifically towards you. Here you will boost your metabolism so you are burning more fat at rest, move more functionally and improve energy levels. A wide range of equipment is used such as cardiovascular machines, free weights, kettle bells, boxing pads and more! The health coach pushes you gradually so you improve all of the time!

We also offer 2-1 and small group training options

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Group PT

Group personal training offers you a more cost effective approach to training by training with up to 6 people.  You still get an individual program for your exercise or sport requirements, with the knowledge and guidance of our trainers.

We also have running and cycling, and triathlon specific group training sessions.

CALL US for more information, prices and times 01200 424507

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FIT Camp

This is our group exercise class (previously called boot camp)  made fun with a different session planned out each time!  There is a mixture of circuits, boxing, cardio, team games and more, making this a change from your usual gym sessions.

This compliments your 1-2-1 training as it works on endurance, strength, balance and again keeps your metabolism high. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and take part in our monthly challenges! See here for more information.
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Coronavirus Information

We are now back offering Face to face and virtual appointments in clinic.  We still have some restrictions in place to keep you and our staff safe. The quickest way to book an appointment is online via our website.  Alternatively  contact reception on 01200 424507  and leave a message
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