Running Analysis

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Running Analysis

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What is Running Analysis

Running is very individual and is a skill.  Like all skills they need to be learnt and developed, and running skills are no different, yet very few of us learn how to run correctly.

A free running assessment in a running shop may help you find the right trainers for you, but it's not all about pronation and footwear.  A gait / running analysis is a method for identifying biomechanical abnormalities in the gait / running cycle, or in other words, it’s a tool used to assess the way in which you walk and run. It can be beneficial in that it can identify any weaknesses, or poor movement patterns in the body, which could lead to potential injury and reduce performance.

By addressing these issues we can improve your ability to tolerate running training load, reduce the risk of injury, improve running performance and most importantly keep you running.

 Most runners will run over 1 million steps a year so make sure every step is great


Why have your running form analysed?

Every time your foot strikes the ground during running, the forces from the ground travel up through the body, and these forces can be a minimum of 1.5 - 3 X body weight.

So if 1 mile is an average of 2000 steps, think about how many times your feet hit the ground during an average run, and therefore the stresses the body has to endure over time if your running form is not on point.

Running Analysis Benefits

  • Improve your run performance
  • Treat and rehab running injuries
  • Reduce risk of Injuries
  • Improve and optimise your running technique
  • Run faster for longer

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The Process

Clinical Run Specific Assessment

We firstly take an in depth history of your running training, injury history and discuss any races, challenges or targets you want to work towards. We then assess you in the clinic and in the rehab gym to identify any joint restrictions, weaknesses, previous injuries and run specific movement screening that may link to injury or reduced performance.

Video Analysis

We then get you on the treadmill and watch you run.  We use run specific video software to assess your technique including; stride length, cadence, foot landing patterns (heel strike or midfoot), pronation / supination, hip and knee alignment and ground forces. 

We can then take measurements and use these as baselines once we start coaching your run technique.

Dynamic PODO Smart Analysis.

We also offer a more in depth running assessment to enhance your experience using our dynamic podo smart technology.

Coach your Run Technique

From our analysis findings, we can then coach and change aspects of your running technique to help reduce pain from an injury, reduce the risk of injury, or improve overall run performance. This is often done over a few sessions, and you will be given exercises and drills to work whilst running between appointments.

Individualised Running Specific Exercise Program

You may be given an exercise program specific to you to address any findings in your clinical assessment, and strengthening and mobility drills to help with any run technique changes given to you. This will be emailed to you with access to your own online video based program.

Running Reviews

Once you have started to work on your running technique, we can reassess your progress to help improve your performance further, and progress your exercise program.

Photo by Malik Skydsgaard

Who is it suitable for?

  • Novice Runners
  • Experienced or Elite Runners
  • Distance Runners
  • Triathletes / Duathletes
  • Injured / Returning from injury after a break
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Running Assessment Price List:

Running Assessment


  • 90 mins
    - Run specific clinical assessment

    - Video & PODO Smart analysis running technique

    - Run specific exercise program 
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Follow Up Analysis


  • 45-60 mins 

    - Review and run technique coaching

    -Review of exercise program
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