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Bike Fit

Based in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, our cycling injuries and bike fitting service is a 3-Step process in which we combine therapist and bike mechanic skills for a unique evidence based approach, allowing you to enjoy your time in the saddle for longer without pain and discomfort. 

3 Step Bike Fit Process

  1. Cycling Specific Clinical Assessment
  2. Cycling Specific exercise plan
  3. Scientific Bike Fit (discipline-specific)

Step 1 - Musculo-Skeletal Screening

First we look at your medical history, training and personal objectives. Then we carry out a full head to toe musculo-skeletal assessment during which we are looking for musculoskeletal problems / deficits, highly prevalent in cyclists such as; joint restrictions, muscle imbalances, foot alignment and poor functional movement patterns. These deficits are likely to create pedaling asymmetry - leading to poor cycling performance and injury. Our findings are integrated into the subsequent Bike fit process to improve harmony, and thus optimise the interaction between rider and bicycle. Unlike other bike fits we spend time assessing the rider focusing on key cycling specific areas, as we often find the problem starts in the rider (intrinsic factors) not the actual bike setup.

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Step 2 - Rehabilitation

Step 2 is a personalised cycling rehab plan specific to your cycling style and discipline. Exercises target core stability, flexibility and any weaknesses that may have been identified during your clinical assessment. We make your rehab program accessible online after your Bike fit so we can keep track and modify your progression.

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Step 3 – Scientific Discipline Specific Bike Fit

Our clinical findings are integrated into the subsequent Bike fit process to improve harmony, and thus optimise the interaction between rider and bicycle. Our dynamic video analysis software allows us to capture you in action and allows us to critically compare your Pre and Post images of your 'key positions'. We pay close attention to the crucial Foot / Pedal interface - as this is often the key for optimising power transfer - which also contributes to many lower limb injuries (knee) when incorrectly set up. We always explain the science and rationale behind our work and we use current evidence based research and previous cycling experience and so that you get the most out of your visit.

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Why Bike Fit Packages?

Whether cycling for recreational or competitive purposes, research shows that an improper body position (bike fit) can affect cycling comfort, increase your risk of overuse injury, and reduce your performance. Efficient cycling relies on a marriage of harmony between the cyclist and cycle. Harmony can be disrupted by mechanical, biomechanical or anatomical factors. An effective Bike fit should enhance harmony between you and your bike allowing you to enjoy your time in the saddle even more.

Who will benefit?

Although suitable for cyclists of all ages, capabilities and disciplines, our 3-Step Bike fit packages are ideal for riders with existing injuries, those seeking extra power-output, or riders with positional problems e.g., cleats. 

Our Clients:

Our clients include UCI President Brian Cookson OBE (former President of British Cycling), multiple National Cycling Champion Matt Bottrill click to read more, GB triathlete (2015 Triathlon England Cross Duathlon Champion) James Walker.

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Bike Fit Package Options & Prices:

 Premium Package


  • Allow 2.5 - 3 Hours
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Standard - Bike Fit & Foot/ Pedal interface


  • Allow 90 Minutes
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Basic Bike fit


  • Allow 70 Minutes
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UCI President Brian Cookson OBE

"As a lifelong cyclist, I have personally consulted NJD Sports Injury Centre on numerous occasions over the years, and have always received first class, thorough, no nonsense treatment for my aches, pains and injuries. I have no hesitation in recommending them"

Multiple National Time Trial Champion Matt Bottrill

“I was very pleased with the service provided and have since noticed an improvement in my pedaling efficiency and power output. Unlike most Bikefitters, their service involves a thorough Musculoskeletal Assessment designed to optimise the Bikefit process"